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Dr. James L. Gulley on Treatment Beyond the Second Line in Bladder Cancer

James L. Gulley, MD, PhD
Published Online:9:14 PM, Fri February 12, 2016

James L. Gulley, MD, PhD, chief of the Genitourinary Malignancies Branch, director of Medical Oncology Service, National Cancer Institute, discusses treatment beyond the second line in bladder cancer. Gulley says there is no standard procedure for the third line setting in bladder cancer, and that most oncologists would either turn to single-agent chemotherapy or to clinical trials.

Gulley says in the non-muscle invasive bladder cancer setting, the option of cystectomy is present post-treatment, but not particularly appealing. Gulley says cystectomy essentially changes the lifestyle of a patient after the surgery, and would only resort to surgery as a final option for patients.
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