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Breast Cancer Case Studies

Case Studies: A Case of HR+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

Joyce O’Shaughnessy, MD, discusses the treatment options for a patient with hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer, and considers the role of CDK4/6 inhibitors as the standard.

A Case of HR+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

Case:  A 62-Year-Old Woman With De Novo Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

  • A 62-year-old woman presented to her gynecologist with a large mass in her right breast
  • Breast MRI confirmed the presence of a 6-cm mass and axillary adenopathy
  • Labs: ALT 95, AST 70 (elevated)
  • Core needle biopsy confirmed ER+ PR (-) HER2(-) carcinoma, grade 3
  • CT chest, abdomen, and pelvis showed widely scattered liver metastases
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