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Dr. Oh Discusses myPlan Genetic Testing in Patients With Lung Cancer

Daniel S. Oh, MD
Published Online: 9:58 PM, Thu September 10, 2015

Daniel S. Oh, MD, assistant professor of surgery, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, discusses myPlan genetic testing in patients with lung cancer. 

MyPlan is a molecular diagnostics test that uses the paraffin embedded surgical resection specimen, as well as representative slides, says Dr. Oh. A real-time PCR-based platform is then conducted, and it is run on gene-expression of some cell cycle progression genes. The scoring system is combined with the clinical stage, which produces the prognostic score, which is stratified into high-risk and low-risk.
Typically, myPlan is used on stage I and stage II patients with lung cancer, adds Oh. It is particularly useful for stage Ib because there is a lot of controversy over who to treat with chemotherapy. Oh says it is also useful for stage II patients because they have a very wide distribution of risk; some with high-risk and some with low-risk.

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