ONCAlert | 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

Dr. Mark Emberton on the Role of Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Mark Emberton, MD, FRCS
Published Online: 10:30 PM, Thu January 7, 2016


Mark Emberton, MD, FRCS, professor of surgery, University College, London, discusses the role of focal therapy in prostate cancer. Emberton says that in treatment of most solid tumor cancers, oncologists have moved from treating the whole organ to specifically targeting the tumor. He adds that the prostate is one of the last organs where treatment is mainly focused on the whole organ, rather than the tumor itself.

Emberton says that treatment of the whole prostate is not an ideal form of therapy, and that with modern imaging and treatments, oncologists should be able to specifically attack the tumor. Treatment options include freezing the tumor and removing it, as well as heating it to a degree at which it would no longer be able to function.

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