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The Future of Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing in the Community

Lawrence D. Wagman, MD, FACS
Published Online: 5:50 PM, Fri March 16, 2018

Lawrence D. Wagman, MD, FACS, executive medical director of St. Joseph’s Hospital, discusses the future of precision medicine and genetic testing in the community.

Wagman says that he would like to see a separation between data that might be interesting in the future, from data that will have immediate impact on treatment or access to clinical trials. Real-world application remains of the upmost important to community oncologists who must integrate these protocols into their day-to-day routines.

Community physicians need to be more careful about explaining what genetic risk means to their patients, says Wagman. It is important that the patient understands the difference between a 1% risk and an 80% risk. He adds that he would also like to see more consistency in reporting from genetic testing companies.

Additionally, Wagman says that more analysis needs to be done in the broad group of people who have been identified as “potentials” for testing to see what their long-term outcomes may be.

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