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Dual Targeting With an HDAC 6 Inhibitor and Bortezomib in Lymphoma

Jennifer E. Amengual, MD
Published Online: 11:41 PM, Tue December 10, 2013
Jennifer E. Amengual, MD, Center for Lymphoid Malignancies, Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the study she presented at the 2013 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting. The trial analyzed dual targeting with the HDAC inhibitor ACY-1215 and bortezomib in preclinical models of lymphoma.

Clinical Pearls

  • Class IIb HDAC 6 inhibitors work differently than class I and class IIa inhibitors
  • Inhibition of HDAC 6 with ACY-1215 leads to accumulation of misfolded proteins within the cell and ultimately apoptosis
  • Researchers believe that this dual targeting of protein degradation pathways could be a rational approach to treat lymphoma

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