ONCAlert | 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

Dr. Michael Tuttle on Dosimetry Versus Empiric Dosing Radioactive Iodine Treatment

Michael Tuttle, MD
Published Online: 9:08 PM, Thu October 22, 2015

Michael Tuttle, MD, endocrinologist Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), discusses best management approaches to radioactive iodine treatment in patients with radioiodine avid distant metastases from differentiated thyroid cancer.

MSK utilizes individualized whole body/blood clearance dosimetry. To understand how this method compares to empiric fixed dosing, MSK partnered with Gustave Roussy Institute of Oncology in France, which utilizes the fixed dosing method.

By studying patients treated at both centers, it was determined that overall survival rate were similar and there was no significant advantage to either method, says Tuttle. Because dosimetry is more expensive and time-consuming it was concluded based on this study that it does not need to be used in every case.

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