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Augmenting Pre-Operative Risk of Recurrence Stratification in DTC

R. Michael Tuttle, MD
Published Online: 8:38 PM, Fri March 6, 2015
R. Michael Tuttle, MD, professor of medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses a study that looked at augmenting pre-operative risk of recurrence stratification in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

Clinical Pearls

  • This study set out to determine if data obtained during pre-operative nodule biopsy could be used to augment risk stratification.
  • The ensemble classifier correctly identified 72.4% (21/29) of low risk tumors and 82.6% (43/52) of intermediate/high risk tumors.
  • This represents another piece of information to help a physician decide on the proper approach to surgery.

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