ONCAlert | 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

Clonal Heterogeneity in Urothelial Cancer

Bishoy Faltas, MD
Published Online: 4:36 PM, Thu March 5, 2015
Bishoy Faltas, MD, clinical fellow, Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses clonal heterogeneity in platinum-resistant metastatic urothelial cancer.

Clinical Pearls

  • This study found a significant degree of both inter- and intra-patient heterogeneity.
  • There were differences in the patterns of evolution of molecular alterations in these samples.
  • Subclonal mutations went on to be enriched in and constitute most mutations in metastatic samples.
  • Mutations in primary samples were identified that were not enriched in metastatic samples.
  • It was found that the metastatic samples continued to change even after evolving from the primary tumor samples.

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