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Identification of Patients With Luminal Androgen Receptor TNBC

Roberto A. Leon Ferre, MD
Published Online: 9:56 PM, Wed December 5, 2018

Roberto A. Leon Ferre, MD, oncologist, Mayo Clinic, discusses the identification of patients with luminal androgen receptor (LAR) triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) during the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

TNBC is best defined by what it does not have than what it has, Leon Ferre says. Ongoing research is looking at better classification schemes for patients with TNBC. In a study on the characteristics, outcomes, and prognostic factors of TNBC, Leon Ferre and his colleagues focused on the LAR subtype––a subtype that is enriched for non-estrogen hormone signals. Some have posited that this subtype behaves differently than most TNBCs.

The study attempted to find a better means of identification. Researchers were able to pinpoint a genetic signature that is better able to identify the subtype that is driven by the androgen receptor. This was compared with other means of identification in which androgen receptor expression is used to identify this subtype. Three prospective clinical trials have looked at androgen blocking medications using immunohistochemistry and a threshold of 10% expression to define this group, emphasizing the need for better means of identification.

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