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Impact of Pertuzumab in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

Charles E. Geyer, Jr, MD
Published Online: 7:40 PM, Fri December 7, 2018

Charles E. Geyer, Jr, MD, professor of medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, associate director for clinical research and Harrigan, Haw, Luck Families Chair in Cancer Research at Massey Cancer Center, discusses the impact of pertuzumab (Perjeta) in the treatment of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Pertuzumab is a very important drug in the early treatment of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer, explains Geyer. In large part, its efficacy was demonstrated in results of the CLEOPATRA trial in metastatic disease. These antibodies were developed with an intent to engage the immune system, and they had yet to demonstrate that intent until CLEOPATRA, says Geyer.

Since it has shown such a dramatic impact in first-line metastatic disease, its impact should also be reflected in patients with early-stage disease, notes Geyer. The monoclonal antibody also results in a higher pathologic complete response. Though some may critique pertuzumab based on results from the APHINITY trial which showed that patients do just as well on trastuzumab (Herceptin), Geyer says that the subgroup analysis shows some benefit in the higher-risk, node-positive patients who had received neoadjuvant therapy.

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