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Response to Abemaciclib in the neoMONARCH Trial

Sara A. Hurvitz, MD
Published Online: 3:37 PM, Fri December 7, 2018

Sara A. Hurvitz, MD, director of the Breast Oncology Program, medical director of the Clinical Research Unit, University of California, Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses response to abemaciclib (Verzenio) in the neoMONARCH trial at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

The neoMONARCH trial is a neoadjuvant study evaluating 3 different treatment arms in patients with early-stage, estrogen receptor–positive, HER2-negative breast cancer. Patients are given anastrozole for 2 weeks, abemaciclib for 2 weeks, or the combination of the 2 for 14 weeks. This was a biomarker-driven study in which tumor biopsies were obtained at baseline, as well as after 2 weeks and 14 weeks of therapy, explains Hurvitz.

At the meeting, Hurvitz and her colleagues presented data on their evaluation of motoplex and RNA sequencing data. These data were used to look at the changes that occur prior to and after treatment that might be associated with sensitivity to abemaciclib-based therapy. Results showed a correlation between differential gene expression and sensitivity to therapy. The trial provides insight into the biology of the disease and may indicate that doing biopsies early can offer insight into which patients are more likely to respond to CDK4/6 inhibition, says Hurvitz.

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