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Dr. Sylvia Asa on Treating Different Types of Thyroid Cancer

Sylvia Asa, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FCAP
Published Online: Feb 16,2016

Sylvia Asa, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FCAP, pathologist, Toronto General Hospital/Research Institute, professor, University of Toronto, discusses the ambiguity of certain subtypes of thyroid cancer. Asa says one of the most common mutations in subtypes of thyroid cancer is the BRAF mutation. She adds that while the mutation is common, a good number of patients do not respond to BRAF-targeted therapies, hinting that these subtypes are more complex than previously thought.


Asa says researchers are finding different mutations that make these different subtypes what they are. Some of these subtypes include TERT promoter mutations, as well as epigenetic changes such as alterations in the micro RNAs and epigenetic activation or silencing of genes. She says uncovering more information about these mutations and changes could aid in the creation of different therapies.

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Dr. Sylvia Asa on Treating Different Types of Thyroid Cancer
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