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Addressing the State of Community Oncology in Florida and the Role of FLASCO

Eric Harris, DO
Published Online:6:00 PM, Tue June 11, 2019

Eric Harris, DO, hematologist/oncologist, Florida Cancer Specialists, gives Targeted Oncology an insider’s perspective on the current state of community oncology in Florida and some ways the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology (FLASCO) aids in improving patient care by helping physicians.

The condition of community oncology in Florida affects patient access specifically. Harris states that because of this, particular communities cannot get support during cancer treatment, or have no access to care at all. In other cases, insurance companies may add obstacles that further the problem for both patients and physicians trying to treat them.

FLASCO is commonly referred to as the ‘Voice of Oncology in Florida.’ Through education and advocacy, the organization helps improve access to care and spreads the word on best new practices in oncology. Harris noted that as FLASCO introduces new care practices and medical interventions for community oncologists, there will be even more of a need to provide solutions for care costs, and patient access.
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