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Benefits to Stem Cell Transplant for Patients With Multiple Myeloma

Noa Biran, MD
Published Online:3:27 PM, Wed June 13, 2018

Noa Biran, MD, physician, Multiple Myeloma Division, John Theurer Cancer Center, discusses the rationale for selecting stem cell transplant as treatment over a chemotherapy regimen for patients with multiple myeloma.

The alternative to stem cell transplantation is chronic therapy. While the stem cell transplant can be toxic and tough on the patient, Biran argues that it is still a better option for a patient than choosing to remain on chemotherapy for the rest of their life. Long-term chemotherapy can lead to a continual decline in cognitive function, quality of life, and patient reported outcomes.

On the other hand, Biran adds that there is an acute decline with stem cell transplant in those phenomena as well. However, patients will come back up to baseline after that decline. It is also easier to monitor patients with stem cell transplant and they will perhaps live a number of years afterward without any other therapy treatments.
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