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Campos Highlights Biggest Advancement in Ovarian Cancer This Year

Susana M. Campos, MD
Published Online:5:59 PM, Thu November 8, 2018

Susana M. Campos, MD, gynecologic oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, discusses her thoughts on the biggest advancements in ovarian cancer in 2018. PARP inhibitors are great at putting these patients in remission; however, the challenge with this lies in keeping them in remission.

According to Campos, most patients that receive PARP inhibitors will relapse. Nevertheless, PARP inhibitors such as olaparib (Lynparza), niraparib (Zejula), and rucaparib (Rubraca) have dramatically improved progression-free survival and have made an amazing contribution to the field, Campos says.

In the next several years, Campos hopes that these drugs could be applied in earlier management of ovarian cancer. More research is necessary to get a better understanding of the role of these agents.
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