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Dr. Budde Highlights Unique Aspects of Mosunetuzumab Trial in Follicular Lymphoma

Elizabeth Lihua Budde, MD, PhD
Published Online:4:35 PM, Wed February 27, 2019

Elizabeth Lihua Budde, MD, PhD, an assistant professor at City of Hope, discusses how a phase I/Ib clinical trial evaluating mosunetuzumab in patients with follicular lymphoma (FL) is different than other clinical trials.

Patients receive this novel treatment for a limited number of cycles, Budde says. Initial treatment is only 8 cycles, and the patient may remain in follow-up rather than being treated until progression or relapse.

Budde says this is important because no one wants to remain on treatment for longer periods of time. The durability of response with mosunetuzumab is encouraging, and there is a high chance that patients with FL will stay in remission after completing their treatment.
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