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Dr. Yael Cohen on VB111 as a Potential Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Yael Cohen, MD
Published Online:11:38 AM, Mon December 28, 2015

Yael Cohen, MD, vice president, Clinical Development, VBL Therapeutics, discusses VB111, a highly targeted anti-angiogenic agent. The treatment is currently going through a phase III trial for treating glioblastoma, phase I trial for thyroid cancer and phase II trial for ovarian cancer.

Cohen says the treatment was initially tested in ovarian cancer as a dose escalation phase I trial across 3 cohorts of patients. She said in the phase I trial, researchers saw an overall response rate of about 60% in participating patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. 

She adds that the phase II trial is currently accusing patients and researching are considering what the best tactic for developing the study might be.
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