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Early Efficacy With Mosunetuzumab Appears Promising for Follicular and Other Lymphomas

Elizabeth L. Budde, MD, PhD
Published Online:8:49 PM, Thu January 24, 2019

Elizabeth L. Budde, MD, PhD, assistant professor in department of hematology at City of Hope, discusses the interim efficacy results from a phase I study of mosunetuzumab in patients with lymphomas.

While this data is still early, Budde says the efficacy results are encouraging. In patients with follicular lymphoma, there was a 69% overall response rate (ORR) and 40% of patients achieved complete response (CR). For diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the ORR was up to 40% with a 19% CR rate.

In the patients who achieved CR, only 1 relapsed, Budde says. However, the patient received a second treatment and went into a complete remission again. The patients have been followed for close to 300 days, with some of the longest patients closer to 2 years in remission.

Budde also notes 60% of patients had prior chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.
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