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Expert Highlights Next Steps to Evolve the Treatment Landscape of Urothelial Cancer

Peter Grivas, MD, PhD
Published Online:3:01 PM, Thu April 4, 2019

Peter Grivas, MD, PhD, director, University of Washington Medicine’s Genitourinary Cancers Program, associate professor of oncology, University of Washington, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses the next steps necessary for the treatment landscape of advanced urothelial cancer to evolve.

Grivas says we need more effective therapies. Currently, only chemotherapy and immunotherapy agents are approved, but there are trials investigating the role of FGFR inhibitors and antibody-drug conjugates. The FDA has granted a breakthrough therapy designation to erdafitinib, an FGFR inhibitor, and the data has looked promising so far.

Biomarker-based patient selection is necessary to help evolve this space; Grivas emphasizes that this can help in selecting the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.
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