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Expert Offers Advice to Community Oncologists for Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

Hani M. Babiker, MD
Published Online:4:11 PM, Fri February 1, 2019

Hani M. Babiker, MD, assistant professor and associate director of the phase I program at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, shares his advice for community oncologists treating patients with pancreatic cancer.

Babiker says the most important advice is to enroll patients in clinical trials. Enrollment is still low on a national level and pancreatic cancer is a highly lethal disease. He hopes to see more data come out from clinical trials in the field.

From an academic perspective, Babiker advises to look to the light at the end of the tunnel and to continue working towards more clinical trials. He hopes to see molecular targeting and immunotherapy play a role in the treatment of pancreatic cancer in the future, but more research is necessary.

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