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Dr. Gregory Randolph on Pre-Surgical Laryngeal Assessment in Patients With Thyroid Cancer

Gregory Randolph, MD, FACS, FACE
Published Online:3:00 PM, Fri February 26, 2016

Gregory Randolph, MD, FACS, FACE, director, Division of General Otolaryngology, director, Division of Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirm, discusses the new dynamic of voice and laryngeal assessment around surgery for thyroid cancer. Randolph says pre-operative loss of voice tracks "robustly" with invasive thyroid cancer, and being aware of this issue before surgery helps surgeons better treat their patients.

Randolph adds that the inclusion of this factor in the most recent set of guidelines helps clinicians gain additional guidance before suggesting a thyroid cancer patient undergoes surgery.
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