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Improving Treatment of Patients Across Malignancies Through FLASCO

Winston Tan, MD
Published Online:9:21 PM, Wed October 2, 2019

Winston Tan, MD, hematologist/oncologist, Mayo Clinic, and vice president of the Florida Society for Clinical Oncology (FLASCO), discusses the work of FLASCO, which helps improve the treatment of patients with all cancers across the state.
Working to improve patient care, FLASCO advocates for patients with cancer throughout Florida and encourages patient support groups as well. Additionally, the organization has been actively training healthcare professionals across multiple disciplines, including nurse practitioners, hematologists, and oncologists. Symposia are another component of education from FLASCO. The symposia occur around the state and educate people on the various disease states and treatment options.
The organization also holds partnerships with patient advocacy groups to further improve patient care.
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