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Dr. Keith C. Bible on Treatments Beyond First-Line Lenvatinib in Thyroid Cancer

Keith C. Bible, MD, PhD
Published Online:8:32 PM, Thu March 10, 2016

Keith C. Bible, MD, PhD, professor of oncology, Mayo Clinic, discusses the impact of lenvatinib in differentiated thyroid cancer. Bible says most oncologists would consider lenvatinib as a first-line therapy for patients who require systemic therapy where there are not suitable, focal palliative options. He adds that while lenvatinib is considered the standard of care in thyroid cancer, these treatments will only function in any given patient for a limited amount of time. 

This is where more work in the field is needed, according to Bible, who says that second- and -third-line options are usually limited to kinase inhibitors. These kinase inhibitors differ enough to where multiple kinase inhibitors can be used in either the second- or third-line and still prove efficacious.
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