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Managing Immunotherapy Toxicities in Melanoma

Michael A. Postow, MD
Published Online:10:30 PM, Tue February 19, 2019

Michael A. Postow, MD, a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, shares advice to community oncologists on managing the side effects of immunotherapy in patients with melanoma.

In many cases, these treatments are life-saving medications, Postow says. However, it is important to recognize when a patient is experiencing side effects from the treatment so that it can be modified in order to best support the patient.

In some cases, Postow says immune-suppressives or supportive care medications can be used to help in managing these toxicities. It may be necessary to hold treatment to make sure the patient gets through these side effects that in some cases may even be life-threatening. Understanding how to manage a patient through these toxicities is key in making sure a patient experiences all the anti-tumor effects of an immunotherapeutic treatment, Postow concluded.
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