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Dr. Mark Gilbert on Genetics as a Predictive Tool for Treatment Response in Brain Cancer

Mark Gilbert, MD
Published Online:6:40 PM, Wed February 10, 2016

Mark Gilbert, MD, neuro-oncologist, chief of neuro-oncology, National Institute of Health, discusses predicting how a patient's brain tumor might act and respond to treatment based on their genetics. Gilbert says one way an oncologist might be able to predict these factors is looking at a patient's nucleotides in their DNA. He says these polymorphisms can reveal different types of enzyme activity, which in turn can potentially allow oncologists to guess more accurately at how a treatment might impact a patient.

Gilbert says another important factor in the treatment of a patient's brain cancer are clinical factors such as what medication they are currently on and how they impact chemotherapy agents. pre-existing conditions would also play into how a patient responds to treatment. XXX says, for example, patients with hypertension could lead to increased risk of stroke.
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