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Rationalizing the Study of Intratumoral Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer Origin Liver Metastases

Jason Williams, MD
Published Online:3:00 PM, Wed February 5, 2020

Jason Williams, MD, the director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy at the Williams Cancer Institute, discusses a study in which an immunotherapy combination was administered intratumorally to patients with liver metastases linked to breast cancer, which he presented in a poster at the 2019 Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting.

A preclinical study in mouse models, which was led by Ronald Levy at Stanford University, showed synergy between α-OX40 and CpG. This study served as a rationale for Williams and his colleague to recreate the study in humans.

The immunotherapy combination used for the in-human study was α-OX40, CpG, ipilimumab (Yervoy), and ketorolac. Ipilimumab was added to the combination to address the complexity of treating human subjects compared with mouse subjects, and this improved the success rate of the study overall.

Williams notes that many of the toxicities that are associated with systemic therapy were avoided in these patients because the immunotherapy combination was injected intratumorally.
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