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Selecting Cytoreductive Therapy for Patients with PV or ET

Laura Michaelis, MD
Published Online:2:52 PM, Wed November 28, 2018

Laura Michaelis, MD, associate professor of medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, discusses how to select patients with either polycythemia vera (PV) or essential thrombocythemia (ET) for cytoreductive therapy.

According to Michaelis, if a patient with PV is over the age of 60 or has had a prior arterial or venous clot, she will give these patients cytoreductive treatment. However, she does not treat patients with ET the same way.

Patients with ET also do not need to go on cytoreductive therapy just because of an elevated platelet count. Michaelis emphasizes that therapies should not be chosen on the basis of platelet count.
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