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The Biggest Issue with Treatment of Breast Cancer in Men

Fatima Cardoso, MD
Published Online:5:33 PM, Thu March 8, 2018

Fatima Cardoso, MD, medical oncologist at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre in Portugal, explains the biggest issue in treatment of male breast cancer is due to lack of education. Male patients are most commonly diagnosed in the advanced stages because of this and are commonly given the wrong treatments, says Cardoso.
Men with breast cancer have a lesser quality of care than women with breast cancer since there is a widespread of uncertainty amongst physicians in the field. Almost every case of male breast cancer is estrogen receptor-positive (ER), but most men are not being treated properly. According to Cardoso, only 70% of men with ER-positive breast cancer are being treated with endocrine therapy, leaving a large number of patients without the right treatment.
This happens because there are no specific guidelines for treatment of male breast cancer. As more people are educated on this population of cancer patients, the more quality of care can improve.
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