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Treatment Options for Relapsed/Refractory Solid Tumors in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients

Ami V. Desai, MD, MSCE
Published Online:2:53 PM, Tue July 10, 2018

Ami V. Desai, MD, MSCE, assistant professor of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital, discusses the current treatment landscape for pediatric and young adult patients with relapsed/refractory solid tumors. 

Currently, Desai says the best treatment option for these patients is surgery. There are also a number of inhibitors for some gene fusions found in these types of malignancies, but not all patients are able to enroll in these studies. 

Desai says it is best to reduce the disease burden or improve the disease state so that hopefully these patients can move on to other treatments that could possibly help their cancer.
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