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Dr. Tuya Pal on Genetic Risk Assessment in Ovarian Cancer

Tuya Pal, MD
Published Online:9:11 PM, Thu April 14, 2016

Tuya Pal, MD, board-certified geneticist, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the importance of genetic risk assessment shaping management guidelines in ovarian cancer. Pal says tumor testing costs have drastically dropped over the past few years, and the tests have been much more widely undergone. The issue with these tests, she adds, is that the tests offer no way to know if mutations found in a tumor are specific solely to that tumor, or if these findings could be applied disease-wide.

Pal says genetic risk assessment has evolved from simply identifying risks to utilizing the information at point-of-care. She says a good example would be BRCA mutations in ovarian cancer, which can help guide surgical decisions for a patient.
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