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Dr. Ursula Matulonis on Phase III Trials Examining Cediranib Plus Olaparib in Ovarian Cancer

Ursula Matulonis, MD
Published Online:12:36 AM, Thu March 24, 2016

Ursula Matulonis, MD, medical director of Gynecologic Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses two upcoming trials for both platinum-resistant and platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer. Matulonis says the trials, dubbed NRG-GY004 and NRG-GY005, look at the combination of cediranib and olaparib in both platinum-sensitive and platinum-resistant recurrent ovarian cancer after a successful phase II looking at the combination against olaparib as a single agent.

Matulonis says the hope in NRG-GY004 is the combination will be similar or superior to platinum-based chemotherapy, and that investigators have a choice as to which doublet they want to use. Matulonis adds that in NRG-GY005, the hope is that the combination will do better than single-agent chemotherapy.
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