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Dr. Giselle Carnaby on Cognitive Behavioral Strategies Post-Surgery in Head and Neck Cancer

Giselle Carnaby, MD, PhD
Published Online:6:06 PM, Thu March 10, 2016

Giselle Carnaby, MD, PhD, professor, ASHA Fellow, Communication Sciences and Disorders, UCF College of Health and Public Affairs, discusses cognitive behavioral strategies for patients to retain their health after therapy and surgery in head and neck cancer. Carnaby says prophylactic gastrostomy tube placement may not be as supportive as previously thought in the health of the muscles in these patients.

Carnaby adds that patients who do opt for tube feeding tend to opt for the aid earlier and remain with it longer, which may not be helpful in the long run. She says that patients do not opt for tube feeding may initially get worse before they get better. There are currently studies looking into the possibilities of behavioral management to help patients retain and restore their head and neck health post-surgery, says Carnaby.
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