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Allison W. Kurian, MD, MSc, associate professor of Medicine and of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine, discusses two ongoing trials utilizing multi-gene panels to uncover previously undetected risks in patients with breast and ovarian cancer.
Evidence for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy Continues to Emerge for Liver Tumors
The treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC) has remained a significant clinical challenge, since over 50% of patients present with or develop liver metastases, which is a leading cause of death; however, a recent phase III study showed promise for selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) in combination with standard chemotherapy as a first-line treatment.
Anthracycline Regimen Superior in HER2-Negative Breast Cancer
Preliminary data shows an anthracycline/taxane-based chemotherapy regimen (TaxAC) could be superior to docetaxal plus cyclophosphamide in patients with breast cancer.
Microsatellite Instability Potential Biomarker for Pembrolizumab Benefit in CRC
Screening for microsatellite instability in patients with colorectal cancer tumors is a significant step in determining which patients will benefit from immunotherapy, specifically pembrolizumab.
Precision Medicine Key for Value-Based Care
Precision oncology should play a vital role in the shift toward value-based medicine by helping to deliver more effective therapies with more manageable pricing profiles, according to John L. Marshall, MD.
Multigene Panel Testing May Uncover Risks in Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Multigene panel testing may uncover new risks in breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
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Experts Provide Insight Into Novel EGFR Inhibitors for Lung Cancer
Experts Provide Insight Into Novel EGFR Inhibitors for Lung Cancer
A faculty of experts discussed treating patients with and without T790M mutations, and the use of TKIs in treating EGFR wild-type patients.
Understanding the Future of Immunotherapy in Melanoma
While there have been many recent advances in the field of melanoma regarding immunotherapy, there is still much more to come, says Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD.
Novel BTK, PI3K Inhibitors on Horizon for Relapsed CLL
With nearly a dozen new PI3K and BTK inhibitors currently in development, it is challenging to know which therapies are truly "next-generation" agents and which are "me too" products.
Shortcomings in SIRFLOX Design May Have Skewed PFS Findings
Shortcomings in the SIRFLOX study may have confounded the main findings, as the trial seemed plagued by a large number of confounding factors and a shifting trial design.
Novel Agent BION-1301 May Block Multiple Myeloma Cell Proliferation
BION-1301 may block multiple myeloma cell proliferation and reduce drug resistance and immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment.