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Targeted Therapies in Oncology

Targeted Therapies in Oncology provides evidence-based news and updates on the most current advances in therapeutics, biomarkers, pathways, biomarkers, molecular profiling, and diagnostic testing with its meeting coverage, columns, FDA news, and more.

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Peers & Perspectives in Oncology

Peers & Perspectives® in Oncology delivers exclusive coverage of virtual and in-person live events held by Targeted Oncology and Healthcare Research & Analytics®, thought leader collaborations, and community input on the growing targeted therapy space to encourage peer-informed decision-making in various disease states.

Featuring candid conversations among community and academic oncologists on the efficacy and safety of current treatment options, this publication aims to equip oncology health care professionals with knowledge to make confident and informed treatment decisions for patients with cancer. Peers & Perspectives in Oncology presents these insightful dialogues on a variety of topics such as experiences with biomarker testing and cutting-edge therapies and the practical decisions that oncologists make daily.

Evolving Paradigms
International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer®