Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia | Clinical

Expert Reviews Sequencing Strategies for Explosion of New CLL Treatment Options

November 04, 2020

While the treatment landscape for chronic lymphocytic leukemia has expanded with an explosion of new therapeutic options, physicians are plagued with questions about sequencing therapies for those who progress following therapy in the first-line setting, and little data exists to guide optimal therapy selection, according to Anthony Mato, MD.

Brander Details Different Therapies and Modalities for Treatment of CLL in the Second Line

October 29, 2020

During a Targeted Oncology Case Based Peer Perspectives event, Danielle Brander, MD, assistant professor of Medicine at Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, NC, discussed options for treating a 53-year-old female patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

The Battle for the Front Line in CLL Moves Away From Chemoimmunotherapy

October 14, 2020

Traditional frontline chemoimmunotherapy regimens used to be the gold standard for treating patients with newly diagnosed chronic lymphocytic leukemia. However, over time, targeted therapies have been inching out the use of chemoimmunotherapy to become the preferred approach in this setting.