Kyle Doherty | Authors


Novel ULK Inhibitor Considered Safe for Solid Tumors Harboring RAS or RAF Mutations

September 11, 2022

DCC-3116 demonstrated safety and tolerability across various dose levels in patients with solid tumors harboring a RAS or RAF mutation, according to findings from a phase 1/2 trial presented at the 2022 ESMO Congress.

CLDN6 CAR T-Cell Therapy Elicits Clinical Activity in Relapsed/Refractory Advanced Solid Tumors

September 09, 2022

The investigational carcinoembryonic antigen claudin 6–directed CAR T-cell therapy BNT211-01 displayed clinical activity in combination with a CLDN6-encoding mRNA vaccine in patients with CLDN6-positive relapsed/refractory advanced solid tumors.

Daratumumab Plus Lenalidomide/Dexamethasone Prolong OS When Administered Long-Term in Myeloma

August 26, 2022

Patients with treatment-naive myeloma treated with humanized IgGx CD38-targeted monoclonal antibody daratumumab in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone for at least 18 months had a overall survival benefit in the phase 3 MAIA study.