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Reviewing 3-Year Updated Data From CheckMate 9LA for NSCLC

November 28, 2022

During a Targeted Oncology case-based roundtable event, Rafael Santana-Davila, MD, discussed 3-year data on overall survival and subgroup analysis for the CheckMate 9LA trial of ipilimumab, nivolumab, and 2 cycles of chemotherapy.

Novel IO Vaccine Induces Immune Response HPV16-Positive Tumors

November 09, 2022

A first-in-human study investigating the safety and immunogenicity of amplivant adjuvant and human papillomavirus type 16 synthetic long peptides demonstrated highly favorable safety and tolerability when used as an intradermal therapeutic vaccine.

Liquid Biopsy HIC Proteomic Testing May Aid in NSCLC Treatment Decision-Making

September 02, 2022

In an interview with Targeted Oncology, David Oubre, MD discussed the use of liquid biopsy to identify prognostic and predictive biomarkers in patients with non–small cell lung cancer. He also explained the results and implications of the INSIGHT study.