Bringing Oncology Clinicians Together to Discuss Precision Medicine


Manmeet Ahluwalia, MD, discusses the purpose behind the Inaugural Miami Cancer Institute Precision Oncology Symposium.

Manmeet Ahluwalia, MD, the chief of Medical Oncology, chief scientific officer & deputy director at Miami Cancer Institute of Baptist Health South Florida, discusses the purpose behind the Inaugural Miami Cancer Institute Precision Oncology Symposium.

With knowledge around oncogenic-driven tumors growing in oncology, clinical decision making, and management of various cancers has evolved. The oncology field has witnessed the introduction of multiple precision oncology agents over the past 10 years, and these therapies have elicited high response in patients, and extended progression-free and overall survival in patients. Moreover, new targeted and immune therapies have been more tolerable than chemotherapies that where originally the standard-of-care for most cancers.

Many questions still exist when it comes to precision oncology. There is emerging data on the biology of disease and proper disease management. The Inaugural Miami Cancer Institute Precision Oncology Symposium is intended to address the remaining questions and generate conversations that may guide future research.

Miami Cancer Institute, a part of Baptist Health South Florida launched a new meeting on February 3, 2023, with hopes to bring together medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, allied health professionals, oncology nurses and pharmacists. The meeting will provide updates in the field, and updates in molecular biology. Presentations at inaugural meeting will cover a range of topics including lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, genitourinary tumors, head and neck tumors, melanoma, sarcoma, brain tumors.

According to Ahluwalia, the goal is to prompt multidisciplinary collaboration about precision oncology. Ahluwalia hopes that this meeting will have a national and even global impact of oncology care.


0:07 | As we all know, in the last decade or 2, we've made some phenomenal breakthroughs in the field of oncology, using genetic drivers of the disease using targeted therapies that have led to improved outcomes for our patients.

0:27 | We would like the symposium to become a fertile ground for interactions of the audience with these key opinion leaders to know the latest developments in the field, but also discuss future projects and collaborations to improve outcomes of patients with cancer not only in South Florida, but nationally and globally.

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