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Roundtable Discussion: Participants Analyze Different Classes of Drugs for Second-line Multiple Myeloma

August 04, 2021

Two years after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma and treated with the Dara-Rd regimen as induction therapy, a 78-year-old patient presented with mild fatigue during routine follow-up. James E. Hoffman, MD, discussed the case with a group of peers.

Clinical Potential of onCARlytics Under Exploration in Solid Tumors

August 04, 2021

Research in the solid tumors arena around the combination of the oncolytic virus technology CF33-CD19 and the CD19-targeting CAR placental-derived T-cell therapy CyCART-19, is underway to explore it’s potential in this patient population.

Roundtable Discussions: Participants Compare Avelumab Maintenance With Other Bladder Cancer Therapies

August 03, 2021

Jorge A. Garcia, MD, FACP, discussed that case of a 66-year-old female presented to a urologist with nodular 7-cm mass along posterior bladder wall and was later diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was joined by Neeraj Mahajan, MD, Anish B Parikh, MD, and 8 other physicians during a Targeted Oncology Case-Based Roundtable event.