About the ViPOR Regimen in Aggressive Lymphomas


Christopher J. Melani, MD, discusses the combination regimen from the ViPOR study evaluating patients with aggressive lymphomas.

Christopher J. Melani, MD, assistant research physician in the Lymphoid Malignancies Branch at the Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, discusses the combination regimen from the ViPOR study (NCT03223610) evaluating patients with aggressive lymphomas.

The ViPOR regimen consists of venetoclax (Venclexta), ibrutinib (Imbruvica), prednisone, obinutuzumab (Gazyva), and lenalidomide (Revlimid).

According to Melani, previously data from the ViPOR study have proven to be safe and effective in patients with relapsed/refractory aggressive B-cell lymphomas. Data for all patients with relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma treated in the dose-escalation and expansion cohorts of the trial will be presented at the 2022 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.


0:08 | ViPOR is a novel combination targeted therapy regimen. It was originally developed in aggressive lymphomas, mainly focusing on the ABC subtype of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. It was originally a phase 1 study and we've now expanded into a number of different lymphoma subsets, both aggressive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, as well as follicular lymphoma, and mantle cell lymphoma.

0:38 | At the National Cancer Institute. We used our preclinical models to show synergy between a number of agents and BTK inhibitors, mainly ibrutinib. Three of the most synergistic agents in killing are leading to cytotoxicity. In diffuse large B-cell lymphoma included the BTK inhibitor ibrutinib, with venetoclax, an inhibitor of BCL2, as well as the immunomodulatory agent lenalidomide, which has multiple effects on DLBCL cell lines, reducing NF-kappa B activation and promoting cell mediated death. Based on those preclinical synergy studies, we combine them with the glucocorticoid prednisone as another mechanism of cytotoxic stress or genotoxic stress to the lymphoma, as well as the novel type 2 CD20 antibody obinutuzumab to develop the ViPOR regimen.

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