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Learning to Beat the Clock—Stressing the Timing of Immunotherapy

June 15, 2022

Most studies of how timing affects immunotherapy efficacy have defined “timing” relative to other treatments, but some research has investigated the impact of giving patients immunotherapy at different times of day.

Navigating Opioids and Other Strategies for Managing Cancer Pain

October 02, 2021

Up to 60% of patients undergoing active treatment and a third of cancer survivors report significant pain stemming either from their cancer itself or their cancer treatments. The most common treatment for significant cancer- related pain is opioid medication.

Unique Immunotherapy Combinations Provide an Optimistic Outlook in Early Urothelial Carcinoma Trials

March 11, 2019

Ongoing research seeks to boost objective response rates in urothelial cancer by developing biomarkers to predict which immune checkpoint inhibitors a patient is most likely to respond to and by testing these in combination with each other and other treatment types to increase both the number and duration of responses.

Expansion Cohorts Guidance Balances Drug Development With Safety, Rigor

December 26, 2018

New draft guidelines from the FDA endorse the use of multiple expansion cohorts in first-in-human clinical trials as a means of speeding lifesaving medications to market, but the document warns that the difficulties and dangers of using such complex studies so early in the testing process necessitate unusually careful design and oversight.