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Patritumab Deruxtecan Elicits Promising Response in HER3-Expressing mBC

June 04, 2022

According to Ian E. Krop, MD, PhD, patritumab deruxtecan is responsible for producing clinically meaningful and durable antitumor activity in patients with HER3-expressing metastatic breast cancer, warranting further research.

Hispanic Pediatric Patient With Neuroblastoma Show Worse Overall Survival

May 27, 2022

After identifying a survival disparity among non-White Hispanic patients with pediatric neuroblastoma, investigators will next examine the interaction of survival and race, ethnicity, and poverty, acknowledging the intersectionality of these factors due to structural racism in the United States.

gLOH-High May Be a Marker for Improved Response to Talazoparib in mCRPC

April 12, 2022

Results from a post-hoc exploratory analysis of the TALAPRO-1 study signal that high genomic loss of heterozygosity may be assiciated with enhanced response to talazoparib in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.