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Matthew J. Allaway, DO. has been a practicing urologist and managing partner at Urology Associates in Cumberland, Maryland for about 20 years, with a focus on prostate cancer and female urology. He is also the founder and president of Perineologic, an innovative medical device company focused on developing and delivering technology to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of healthcare options primarily in the field of urology. Many of the company’s philosophies and attitudes regarding patient care resulted from Dr. Allaway’s own personal battle with cancer, including his decision to become a urologist. He completed his residency in urology and surgery as well as his internship at West Virginia University. Dr. Allaway earned his doctorate degree from Midwestern University and his Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois Benedictine College.


No-Shave November: The Benefits of the Transperineal Versus Transrectal Approach to Prostate Cancer Biopsy

November 16, 2021

Matthew J. Allaway, DO, discusses the need for a safe, precise and efficient option for performing prostate cancer biopsies via the transperineal approach and the limitations with the current standard of care, which is the transrectal approach, during No-Shave November awareness month.