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Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists Join Texas Oncology and The US Oncology Network

April 02, 2021

Surgical oncology expertise has been expanded to local communities in North Texas after physicians from Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists, a large colorectal cancer practice in North Texas, have joined Texas Oncology, increasing The US Oncology Network’s reach.

Real-World Data to Inform Lung Treatment in the Future

March 03, 2021

Robert Coleman, MD, FACOG, FACS, discusses the research model he utilizes to bring more patient research to the lung cancer field, a topic he presented on during the Association of Community Cancer Centers Annual Meeting.

Deciding on an Agent for Prostate Cancer Involves Careful Consideration of Prior Therapy

December 28, 2020

Anthony A. Meluch, MD, medical oncologist, Tennessee Oncology, discussed treatment options for high-risk adenocarcinoma of the prostate based on the case of a 75-year-old patient during a Targeted Oncology Case-Based Peer Perspectives event.

COVID-19 Leaves Its Mark on Oncology Care

December 17, 2020

In season 1, episode 5 of Targeted Talks, Debra Patt, MD, PhD, MBA, speaks with Alex Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on community cancer centers and hospitals in the United States.