February 2014 | The Journal of Targeted Therapies in Cancer

Eribulin Shows First-Line Activity in MBC

March 03, 2014

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Eribulin mesylate has demonstrated clinical benefit as a first-line therapy for locally recurrent or metastatic HER2- negative breast cancer, according to results of a phase II, multicenter, single-arm study.

Tailoring Treatments in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

February 21, 2014

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Significant developments in research and treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer have emerged over the past year. Those advances include a growing number of studies measuring the effectiveness of dual agents.

Manageable Safety Profile Determined in BOLERO-3

February 17, 2014

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Previously revealed efficacy data from the BOLERO-3 study indicated slowed tumor progression in patients with trastuzumab-resistant HER2+ breast cancer, and now everolimus, trastuzumab, and vinorelbine has demonstrated a manageable safety profile.

Therapies for Breast Cancer: Practice-Changing Developments

February 14, 2014

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Neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapies, administered before and after primary anticancer therapy, respectively, have been shown in numerous clinical trials to reduce recurrence and improve survival in patients with breast cancer.