Melanoma (May 2014) | Targeted Therapies: Melanoma

Managing Toxicities in Melanoma

August 30, 2014

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Recent advances in immunotherapy and in agents that target specific genetic mutations in the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway have led to dramatic improvements in outcomes for patients with advanced cutaneous melanoma.

Risk Factors and Trends in Melanoma

August 28, 2014

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Risk factors for contracting melanoma are complex and can include environmental exposure and an individual’s genetic susceptibility, but people at highest risk are those with a personal or family history of melanoma and those with large, atypical, and/or multiple (more than 50) nevi.

Targeted Treatments for Melanoma

May 07, 2014

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Many patients with melanoma are diagnosed with unresectable stage III or IV disease that requires systemic treatment. Treatment of melanoma depends largely on the stage at diagnosis.