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Addressing the Role of Consolidation Immunotherapy in Patients With Lung Cancer

Nasser H. Hanna, MD
Published Online:8:10 PM, Mon February 3, 2020

Nasser H. Hanna, MD, a professor of Medicine at the Indiana University, discusses the key takeaways on the current role of consolidation immunotherapy in patients with lung cancer, which has become standard in this setting. He highlights questions that still need to be addressed in this space.

While many patients benefit from consolidation immunotherapy, some patients do not benefit. There is a group of patients who can do well with chemoradiation treatment alone, however, more work needs to be done to identify which patients should receive consolidation immunotherapy versus which patients receive sufficient benefit to cure their disease with chemoradiation alone, says Hanna. Consolidation immunotherapy is an important option for patients who will not receive benefit from the chemoradiation treatment.

Patients receive consolidation immunotherapy for a year, but Hanna questions if this is necessary for all patients. Some patients may only require 3 to 6 cycles of treatment as opposed to the full year on therapy, Hanna concludes.

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