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Dr. George Demetri on the Mutagenic Properties and Future Potentials of Dacarbazine

George Demetri, MD
Published Online:7:57 PM, Fri December 4, 2015


George Demetri, MD, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School, director of the Sarcoma Center, Dana Farber Brigham Women's Cancer Center, on the mutagenic properties of dacarbazine. Demetri says recent studies have revealed that dacarbazine is much more useful in the treatment of leiomyosarcomas than initially thought.


Demetri adds that the mutagenic properties of dacarbazine are so prevalent that he hopes future studies might be able to take advantage of them. He further elaborates that the mutagenic properties of the treatment are so strong that they could potentially form new, potentially useful neoantigens on sarcoma cells. Demetri believes that dacarbazine's unique properties may play an additional role in finding ways to utilize chemotherapy as a senstizer to immuno-oncologic approaches like checkpoint inhibition.

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