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Exploring Checkpoint Inhibition in Endometrial Cancers

Amanda Ramos, MD
Published Online:6:08 PM, Tue May 15, 2018

Amanda Ramos, MD, a first-year fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, discusses the future potential of checkpoint inhibition therapy in the treatment of patients with recurrent endometrial cancers.

Patients with recurrent endometrial cancer who have microsatellite instability have had a lot of success with checkpoint inhibition, and previous data show there is a 53% response rate in these patients. When patients have a low mutational burden, however, their response rate decreases to about 13%, according to Ramos. 

Ramos says the purpose of her recent study is to look at the immune landscape of endometrial cancer cells to determine other targetable checkpoints to ultimately improve response rates in these patients.

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